Best Rowing Machine Reviews to Buy in 2020

 Best Rowing Machine For Home

best rowing machine reviewsThe best rowing machine is the only equipment that can ensure you to do the full body workout in a relaxed way. Exercise is the only thing that can guarantee a fit life. It is a fact that exercise machines are necessary to do the workout properly. In this article, you’ll come to know regarding the best rowing machine and the most appropriate way to use the machine.

The rowing machine reviews are provided for the complete guidance regarding the best selling machines so that people invest their money on the right product. We consider top-rated rowing machine after analyzing its complete features, warranty, and price.

The best rowing machine is basically designed for a purpose that a user can stretch his or her muscles in a way that the whole body can get a perfect shape. The rowing exercise machine has another benefit that makes it more prominent as you can bring it home for a comfortable use without reserving a lot of space for it. You are definitely at the right place to know the real aspects of relying on the best rowing machine.

Why do you need to rely on the Best Rowing Machine for Home?

The best rowing machine for home is now available with a plenty of updated features that make it more sleek and effective. The best home rowing machine allows you to stay comfortable during the whole workout because it seems like when you use a rower, you somehow need to move the muscles in a challenging way but the portable rowing machine is not that much difficult to use.

Bringing the best rowing machine at home means giving your muscles a best chance to get stronger. Buyers should keep in mind that a rower is not just of one type only as there is a variety of portable rowing machines which vary from each other because their features, prices, and uses are also different.

So, it is obviously a crucial step to ponder these facts before buying because you must choose the best rowing machine for your fitness. There is a great saying ‘choose wisely because you must do it’. Well, it applies here as well because relying on a rower that you are not sure about is not a justice with your body. We focus a lot on eating healthy food and same is with best rowing machine for home because it is also about your body.

Best Budget Rowing Machine for your Home

The best rowing machines have multiple models which are designed in different ways yet the purpose is same, the fitness of the body. Here, we are going to discuss the price range that starts from under $100 to $1500. Although, there is a perception that low priced rower does not work well however you can easily find the best rowing machine within this range depending on your scope of the workout. Below, we have discussed the models of best rowers by price and brands:

Best Rowing Machines from $50 to $500

  1. Stamina Body Trac Glider 1050 Rowing Machine

This best rowing machine for home is designed and manufactured with a compact footprint 23.5x 46inches which is absolutely a great feature for a comfortable exercise. It also has an adjustable gas-shock resistance which makes it easy for a user to adjust as per the level of gas shock.

More on, the rowing exercise machine monitors show time, the number of calories burned, and stroke count as well due to which you are stay motivated during the exercise as the best rowing machine keeps your moral high. The steel frame construction is the secret of its durability and long-lasting use however it can even be folded for an easy and effortless storage. Its price is only $110 only, so bringing it home will definitely prove a right decision.

  1. Sunny Health and Fitness Rowing Machine

Sunny health comes under the category of under $100 rowing machines however its superb qualities make it one of the best rowing machines. It is featured with 12 levels to adjust resistance and has a comfortable running seat.

More on, this portable rowing machine also has pivoting foot plates that ensure an extra comfortable and smooth workout. Users can also adjust the foot straps whereas the electronic meter lets users stay updated for their calories burned, scan, and total time. The price of this best rowing machine is $79 only.

  1. Kettler Favorite Rowing Machine

Kettler is known as the best rowing machines because it has 6 amazing functions which are displayed at the same time. The functions include distance, strokes, pulse rate, energy consumption, time, and frequency. More on, there are two hydraulic pistons that make it the best rowing machine of 2018.

Users can adjust or re-adjust the rower’s function by changing the position of piston’s clamps. For a perfect workout, it is necessary to keep the level of resistance high, so users are free to set the resistance level of their own choice. Well, its price is $399 only despite having incredible functionality.

  1. ProForm 440R Rower

If you want to get a rower that has unlimited features then there is no best rowing machine other ProForm 440R as it has pivoting pedals and adjustable nylon foot which you may not find in other top-rated rowing machines. The straps and space saver design make this rower more functional exercise equipment for all fitness lovers.

Well, if you want to get the aerobic training then you should definitely spend money on this best rowing machine. It is perfect for a safe workout as when you step on the machine; it adjusts your feet securely and allows you to stay confident. The adjustable seat is also a good reason to buy this best rowing machine however it also has a low pulley station that is perfect to start the strength workout after completing the cardio exercise.

  1. Stamina Conversion II Recumbent Bike Rower

Stamina in on number five in the list of best rowing machines as it is more than perfect for people who want to target most of their muscles with a single rower because Stamina has multiple functions. This top-rated rowing machine is also known as Stamina 15-9003 Deluxe Conversion II, so whenever you go to buy this machine, make sure that you have enough information of rower.

When users do a workout, the best rowing machine creates a resistance like a recumbent bike, however, there are a lot of more features as well. To do the bicep curls in an efficient way, the cable bar of rower works as a pulley and allows the user to do the shoulder exercise as well.

A full body workout is not difficult if you prefer to choose this portable rowing machine. More on, it also has an electronic monitor that displays all the workout statistics on a large LCD, so you get all the details while doing the exercise which is good to keep the motivation level high.

  1. Xebex Air Rower – with Bonus Conditioning Pack

Xebex has a great name in the field of manufacturing exercise equipment and it also designs best rowing machines for a full body workout. It is good for gyms however you can keep it in the house as well as it is a portable rowing machine.

It is basically a fan rower and that is why, you are free to get the level of resistance as per the need of exercise as users can change the resistance on a scale of 1-10 as the lower the number is, the lower is the level of resistance whereas when you increase the number, the level of resistance also gets tough.

Initially, those who are going to do the full body workout for the first time should choose the lowest number and as soon as they become used to, they are free to increase the number for a tough workout. The weight of the whole rower is just 110Ibs which makes it the best rowing machine. The handle of the machine is covered with a pad to let users spend comfortable hours for the exercise.

More on, this best rowing machine is known for a smooth use because when users pull the chain, it becomes smoother with every pull. More on, it doesn’t cause jerk which is also good for a relaxed workout. The monorail is of 55” and this absolutely a perfect length to accommodate short or long legs whereas the seat is of 21” that means comfortable access from the ground.

  1. Water Rower Club Rowing Machine

This is an amazing piece of equipment with a lot of benefits and that is why it is added to best rowing machines. The Water Rower is manufactured with high-quality material and is free from loopholes that you may find in other exercise machines. The solid ash wood is basically used in the manufacturing of this portable rowing machine.

The Ash is basically a hard wood that provides a high level of durability to this amazing machine as it doesn’t let you get irritated with the vibration and sound because the wood absorbs the sound and so, users can do with exercise without any annoying noise.

More on, the machine is featured with many more functions that allow all users to use the machine in a comfortable way. Well, besides this, you get the actual benefit in the form of fitness by using this best rowing machine. The stroke rate, distance, duration, and heart rate all are displayed on the monitor, so you stay updated regarding fitness goals.

  1. H2O Fitness Seattle Wooden Rower WRX1000 rowing machine

The H20 rower has unique and highly useful features that make it the best rowing machine for daily use. The resistance type is water baffle whereas the monitor displays the stroke rate, time and other calculations as well. When you search the best rowing machines, H20 fitness Seattle rower comes at number eight which means that it is still on the list of 10 best rowing machines. The thick padded seat adds comfort whereas Amazon is giving a warranty of five years as well for buying this best rowing machine.

Here are some Top Picks for Portable Rowing Machines of 2018

  1. Water Rower Natural Rowing Machine consisted of S4 Monitor

Water Rower Natural Rowing MachineWhen the results of research finalized, the water rower natural rowing machine got the top place in the list as this incredible equipment is finely tuned and has a great water resistance as well which makes it a more useful machine for homes.

Rowing in real water is an undoubtedly difficult job; however, this best rowing machine has a water flywheel that gives the feeling like you are rowing in water, so it is good to be used in order to strengthen the muscles in an aligned way. The natural wood is also used in the construction that adds an elegant touch to the machine.

The water rower is an absolutely perfect machine for giving the natural movement to your body muscles. The natural motion is necessary to keep the body’s muscles fit and strong and it is only possible with the best rowing machine.

There are two paddles in the water flywheel that also has an enclosed water tank, so whenever the user pulls the cable, the movement of paddles becomes possible when the water creates the resistance. The most prominent feature of the best rowing machine is that it works by using the mass/density of water so, the harder the user pulls the paddle, the more it creates resistance.

As you know that when you move your hands in the water, the fast movement triggers the density of water, same is the case with the portable rowing machine. The water becomes less dense when you go slowly, so it is all up to your strength that how much resistance is easy for you to tolerate.

  1. Concept 2 Rower Model D Indoor Rowing Machine

The second best rowing machine is Concept 2 Model D which is genuinely designed for a highly comfortable exercise. Its sleek design and sturdy construction make it perfect for a person who is concerned to make his muscles stronger. It is one of the most popular air rowers that you may have seen in most of the gyms as well.

This top-rated rowing machine is constructed expertly and looks amazing as well. This air rower uses air for creating resistance as it has air baffles, so the user can row smoothly without putting so much effort. More on, there is a nickel-plated chain that pulls the flywheel.

The fan’s basic function is to create an air pressure and that is why it is easy for users to do the workout by pulling the flywheel against the air pressure. This best rowing machine also includes a PM5 monitor that allows users to get an access to all the data including a number of calories burned and other details.

Users can get the details of their workout performance in two ways as the workout can be displayed in form of total time and distance, however, they can also get the details in a split form by using this best rowing machine.

In the form of the split, you can check the performance that how time and distance vary and it is a more recommended way to analyze the performance by bringing home the portable rowing machine.

Well, there is another fact about this best rowing machine as it calculates the drag factor and gives the best use as users will get the true measurement of their workout whereas variations can also be noticed while using this best rowing machine.

  1. Velocity Exercise Magnetic Rower CHR-2001

When we categorize the best rowing machine, Velocity Exercise Magnetic Rower is one number third as it is the best-selling product for utilizing the magnetic resistance. Well, it is also featured on a programmable computer that has around 12 programs that let you do the challenging workout in the easiest way.

The computer program of this best rowing machine maintains the data record of strokes per minute, calories burned, stroke count and the pulse rate as well. The portable rowing machine allows the user to perform the workout in an aligned way whereas the computer program helps to electronically control the tension resistance.

However, this electronic feature is not an ordinary thing because not all the magnetic rowers have this incredible feature. More on, there is a monitor strap that records the heart-rate during the workout and users can keep checking their pulse while doing the cardio workouts.

This best home rowing machine has a polyurethane moulded saddle seat that ensures comfort and gives the best use. The top-rated rowing machine does not even create a disturbing noise as magnetic drum resistance adds more functionality to its performance.

There is also an incredible fact about this machine that it does not require maintenance and that is why it is pondered as the best rowing machine. As the portable rowing machine does not create noise, so it is easy for users to listening music or watch TV while doing exercise. User’s family members will also not have to get offended due to the machine’s noise and they will also stay comfortable.

  1. Stamina Air Rower

The Stamina ATS Air Rower comes on number four while categorizing the best rowing machines as its features make it one of the top-rated rowing machines. It is a low-priced rower and is featured with a wind resistance that allows a smooth workout. The size of rower is also quite adjustable however users are free to fold it as well with the help of machine’s roller wheels.

This best rowing machine has a monitor to let you know the recording of time elapsed, calorie count, stroke count and speed. It is constructed in a unique way whereas the aluminium frame makes it highly durable for giving a use of years. Users can assemble this portable rowing machine in 15 minutes only whereas its price is also quite reasonable.

The Features of Rowing Machine which are making it Perfect to use on Daily Basis!

You may think that all rowing machines have same designs and features however they vary as per the functionality.  The excellent results of workout can be obtained only when the machine has excellent features.

The best rowing machine works well when there is a high resistance and generally the rowers have water resistance, hydraulic resistance, air resistance, and magnetic resistance. Well, every resistance has its own benefit and that is how every portable rowing machine varies from each other.


It is crucial to know the number of features and usability of those functions while buying the best rowing machine as you shouldn’t invest money on a useless rower. All the best rowing machines have a large number of features that allow easy and comfortable use.

Well, if you have an aim to buy best budget rowing machine then keep in mind that price is not the only thing to focus as you should analyze the usability as well.

The best rowing machine is designed for high usability as you are not going to keep the machine in your house as a decoration piece rather you have to use the portable rowing machine on daily basis, so make sure to check the features and usability of the best rowing machine.

Material and Durability

The material is another important thing to focus on while buying the best rowing machine as asking the dealer to tell you regarding the material used for the manufacturing of best rowing machine. People usually neglect it or do not bother to know the material as they just focus on the design of rowing exercise machine which is not a good approach for buying the rower.

The best rowing machine must be made of a sturdy material as this is the only way through which you get the use for a long period of time. Most of the best rowing machines are made of Ash Wood which is the sturdiest one and lets the users do the workout in a comfortable way.

So, make sure that you are going to read about material while investing in the best rowing machine because it is compulsory to get the best use of the money you’ll invest.

Level of Noise

The best rowing machine is easy to buy but you have to pay a bit of attention to some important features. You should know that best rowing machines do not create a lot of noise which is absolutely good to for a comfortable workout. So whenever you go to buy the best rowing machine, make sure that it does not create a large noise and for this purpose, you can ask the dealer to turn ON the same model of best rowing machine, so in that case, you’ll come to know about the machine’s functionality in a better way.

More on, the machines which produce resistance by using the air are generally more prone to generate noise however if you’ll prefer to read the best rowing machine reviews, you’ll come to know about the equipment that produces low noise.

Capacity of Weight

This is another important aspect that is important to know because if you have gained a lot of weight then you should definitely get the best rowing machine that has a capacity to bear heavy weight.  To check the weight capacity of the best rowing machine, you should read all the specifications and features mentioned on the portable rowing machine.

Do not forget to test the equipment at a dealer’s showroom because if you feel that it is not suitable as per your needs, you’ll be free to buy some other portable rowing machine. More on, the machines which prove useful for heavyweights usually give long-term use and resist wear and tear as well.

Designing and Size

If you are living in a luxurious house, you may not like to have an old-fashioned rower, so it is also important to consider the design of best rowing machine for home. More on, there is also a reason to ponder the size carefully as if your house is not large then it is necessary to buy an only small-sized best rowing machine.

The rower of small size is good to place anywhere in the house however some foldable rowers are also available. So, this is also a crucial point to consider while investing money in the best rowing machine.

Features of Monitor

All the best rowing machines have row computers or monitors that display all the necessary information. It is undoubtedly a great feature to know that how many calories you have burned by doing the workout as it enables you to do the workout in a more scheduled way.

More on, the monitor of best rowing machine also displays the distance, time, and some other information as well. The monitor is usually featured in the best rowing machine only, so try to make sure that the portable rowing machine you are going to buy is featured with a computer.

Easy to Assemble

When you’ll take the best rowing machine to home, you’ll have to assemble it for doing a proper workout. However, it is vital that the best rowing machine should be easy to assemble otherwise you may have to call an expert for this purpose and he’ll definitely charge you for assembling the best rowing machine.

Paying attention is crucial as these factors have a strong impact on the overall buying experience. It is definitely not a good choice to get a puzzle that may prove a nightmare to you while assembling because generally, all the best rowing machines are easy to assemble.


This is another point that most of the buyers do not pay attention to. Warranty is basically safety or you can understand its meaning with the concept of insurance. If the best rowing machine breaks or stops working under the limit of warranty, the company will be liable to repair the best rowing machine without charging any cost.

So, when you go to buy the machine, make sure that you are getting a warranty for at least five years or more.


Price is the main focus of buyers when they go to buy the best rowing machine whether they are rich or earn an average income. Well, the best secret to get the best rowing machine at a low price is to do the comparison of various companies by visiting the websites.

However, the lowest price of best rowing machine is $50 but for buying a rower at this price, you may have to do a bit of compromise on the features of the machine. However, if you strive and buy the best rowing machine with a price range of $ 150 to $200 then you’ll definitely find a good piece of equipment with excellent features.


As clothes of famous brands have unique designing and excellent fabric, same is the case with rowers. If you focus to buy the best rowing machine of a famous and well-reputed brand then you’ll definitely get something out of the box. All the top-rated rowing machines are of leading brands, so try to choose a brand that not only provides the best rowing machine with excellent features but offers low price as well.

Why is it Vital to rely on the Best Rowing Machine?

The rowers are basically designed for people who want to give an accurate shape to their body. The best rowing machine creates a resistance against which the user has to put some effort. The high resistance results in a tough workout whereas the low resistance leads to an easy workout.

If a user is new to and going to use the rower for the first time then he should definitely take a start with the low resistance however if a user already has the experience to do the workout then he is free to try the workout with high resistance.

It basically plays a role to give a shape to the body of user whereas it targets every muscle which is absolutely necessary to keep the user fit all the time. The best rowing machines are perfect to focus on every muscle of the body at a single time.

Pros of Using the Rower on Daily Basis

Our body muscles frequently need to be stretched and moved in a particular direction to stay active and full of strength. Rowing is basically an exercise that is possible by using the best rowing machine as it strengthens the user’s body and keeps him fit all the time as well. The best rowing machine basically allows a cardiovascular workout and is designed to target the major muscles group as well.

The best thing about top-rated rowing machine is that it keeps you determined for doing the exercise by showing you all the details on the screen as when a user comes to know that he successfully burning his calories and heart-rate is also becoming better then he automatically gets the motivation to do the exercise on regular basis.

The majority of people fail to strengthen up the muscles of legs and giving a proper shape to legs however the best rowing machine is perfect to focus on the muscles of legs. Well, the users should practice keeping the level at 90 degrees to enjoy the exercise by keeping themselves comfortable.

Well, for the workout of legs, you may have to put high pressure on your arms which may cause injury however if users prefer to rely on the best rowing machine, they can surely save themselves from injury.

How to Lose your Weight by Using the Rowing Machine?

Rowing is an incredibly useful exercise to lose the weight as it efficiently burns the calories and keeps you fit. You may think that it is good for building muscles, however, when a user increases the level of resistance; he has to put more effort that not only gives a perfect shape to muscles but reduces the weight as well.

If you compare the best rowing machine with a stationary bike, you’ll definitely end up with a result that rower is best to use in the comparison of the bike. Well, if you use the best rowing machine for maximum thirty minutes, you’ll surely burn 225 to 250 calories. So, when you lose the weight, you’ll definitely become slim and fit.

Intensity of Workout

The control over intensity is easy while using the best rowing machine because it is featured with levels with a marking of 1 to 10 that means it is totally up to you that for which level you want to do the workout.

However, if you choose the intensity level above 5 then you’ll definitely end up with plenty of burned calories as the burning process of calories does not continue during the workout only but it continues even when you are done with the exercise and this is called after-burn effect.

There are plenty of benefits of using the best rowing machine and the after-burn effect is the most useful one because even when you stop rowing, calories will not stop burning which is definitely effective for burning the calories.

Scientifically, it is known as EPOC however, the reduction in fats is possible only when the user makes sure to keep the level of intensity high during the entire workout because when you use the bets rowing machine at a low level of intensity, the after-burn effect is not possible.

You may have been using the treadmill but you should know that it is good to burn the calories however it cannot provide the after-burn effect which is necessary for people who are fat or have the weight of more than 100 pounds. Well, by using the top-rated rowing machine, a person can burn around 800 calories if he does the workout for a complete hour by maintaining the high intensity.

HIIT with the Best Rowing Machine

High-intensity interval training is known as HIIT and it is quite effective to get the best use of a rower because it helps you to burn fat, calories, and improve the strength of muscles. More on, you can also improve the cardiovascular muscles by using the best rower as it enables you to get the advantage of after-burn effect by doing the HIIT workout.

The feature that makes the best rowing machine more useful is that you do not have to strive hard for changing the level of resistance which is an absolutely great advantage for using the best rowing machine with high convenience.

Well, the HIIT allows a user to do the workout in a short period of time as it is not necessary to spend a complete hour because if you are short of time or do not want to put a lot of effort then it is good to do the workout for thirty minutes only because even after stopping the exercise, the calories will keep burning and such benefit is not possible to get by using other exercise equipment. Well, the HIIT sprints can be divided into five main intervals while using the best rowing machine.

  • During 1st interval, you have to spend 30 seconds for sprint and thirty seconds for rest whereas the process should be repeated for six intervals.
  • For the second interval, the sprint should be of 20 seconds and rest of 10 seconds should also be included whereas the process should be repeated for 4 rounds.
  • The process of the third interval is a bit different. However, while using the best rowing machine, you need to do the sprint for 15 seconds and then a rest of fifteen seconds whereas during this interval air squats for 15 seconds should also be added.

Well, when you use the best rowing machine, you can repeat the above process for five complete rounds. The above information is provided to let every buyer and user of best rowing machine that what are the benefits of using the best rowing machine and how you can get the maximum advantage and burn calories by using this best rowing machine. So, look forward and do not miss the chance to invest in the best rowing machine.