Top 10 Portable Pull Up Bar-Best Chin Up Bar

portable pull up barPortable Pull Up Bar Men are always crazy about body workout and they join a gym for giving a shape to their body.

Are you also one of those persons who love building a sculpted physique but can’t go to the gym regularly? Well, why choose gym when every exercise can be done at home especially the pull-up exercise because it plays the most basic and vital role in making the shape of men’s body.

A pull up bar at home can solve plenty of your issues regarding exercise. The pull up bar can be fixed at any place of home and you will be all set with the pull-ups. The time is gone when the gym was the only option for building a body as now all the pull up bars can be installed at home without even paying high.

Most of the pull up bars are multi-functional and portable, so an effective use at home is ensured. Do not miss the opportunity of building your body the way you want because if you can’t set a routine for gym, don’t hesitate to say it a goodbye as pull up bar at home will be enough to give a hope to your dream because every bodybuilder has a dream of six packs, strong muscles, and sculpted physique.

Portable Pull Up Bar

For 2018, we have selected some pull up bars which show unbeatable functionality for making a sculpted physique and you can rely on these pull up bars with full confidence because we have done a research of months to choose the best ones. More on, we make sure that you’ll not regret because the products we recommend are always appreciated by users.

Why shouldn’t you Quit Exercising?

Fitness deserves to be earned and if you want to build a strong body then make sure that exercise is a part of your daily routine as, without it, fitness is a just a dream. Pull up bars have got much importance because they help an individual to strengthen his muscles in the most appropriate way.

There is a common perception that walk is enough for a fit body, well, this is somehow true but the walk doesn’t pull up the muscles of your arms and for having six packs, the walk isn’t enough at all.

The other indispensable thing to know is that you shouldn’t do exercise for a specific time period only because quitting exercise can affect the shape of your body and you may have to start all over again, so whenever you install the pull up bar, make sure its regular use.

Why is Home an Absolutely Best Place for using Pull up Bars?

There are many young boys who do not like the environment of gyms and sometimes avoid going there due to high fee and strict rules. You shouldn’t compromise on a sculpted physique and if the gym is not your priority then why not try the pull up bars at home?

The comfort you’ll feel while doing exercise at home cannot be compared with the routine of gym, so most of the youngsters prefer to use pull up bar at home because they do not have to bother about the comments of people rather, they can confidently strive to make their muscles strong.

The gym is really intimidating as hell as you may have to bear severe criticism there and someone may try to make fun of the shape of your body due to which, anybody can lose the confidence, however, at home, the exercise will be fun and you’ll feel determined to continue the use of pull up bar. According to a recent survey, the pull up bars for


2018 are particularly designed to be installed at home because more people are showing interest to use the pull up bar at home.

The Multi-Gym Doorway Pull up Bars

doorway pull up bar


These pull up bars are designed specifically to do exercise at home and can be used even by persons of heavyweight because pull up bar is designed with a capacity of 300Ibs whereas the innovative pads allow the pull up bar to rest against the door frame.

The intelligently designed structure of the pull up bar prevents it from wear and tear. More on, the users will be able to effortlessly hit their back, core, chest, and arms on the effective gripped workhorse by using the pull up bar.

Most of the doorway pull up bars do not provide enough space for wide grip pull ups but the multi-gym pull up bar beats other pull up bars and lets you enjoy the exercise of convenience.

There is no Pull up bar as Easy to Install as Doorway Pull up Bar

The installation of exercising machine plays a crucial role as the whole functionality depends on it, however, the doorways pull up bars are undoubtedly effortless to install as they do not need permanent brackets or support rather leverage points are enough for creating a secure grip on the door frame.

The flawless installation of pull up bar makes possible gripping at various distances as wide grip, close grip, and neutral grip all are necessary to activate the movement of different muscles.

However, you must know that which factors are indispensable to look while choosing a portable Doorway Pull up bar as multiple grips, padded contact points, and sturdy construction are important factors to consider.

A list of top pull up bars for 2018 has been revealed:


#. Iron Gym Upper Body Workout Pull up Bar

iron gym pull up bar

The benefits of exercise cannot be enjoyed unless you choose the most effective pull up bar. If you really want to take the exercising game to next level then Iron Gym pull up bar should be considered as it is one of the top pull up bars and is designed with a leverage-based multi-grip that makes it more suitable for giving an accurate shape to the body.

A pull up bars is efficient only if it has a high number of grips as otherwise, you can’t move every muscle of the upper body, however, the Iron Gym is absolutely suitable due to 5 grip options including wide, natural, traditional, narrow, and side grips.

More on, if you want to do sit-ups then you can effortlessly take the pull up bar off the door frame to set at a lower place. The removal and installation of this pull up bar are incredibly easy, so it shouldn’t be missed for a perfectly sculpted body.

The highlighted features of the pull up bar include assembly tools, comfortable foam grips, strong steel construction, and the user weight of 300Ibs.

Extending Door Frame Pull up Bar

The door frames usually vary from house to house, so it can really prove good to have a pull up bar that can extend to a width you want because in that case, the installation will become easier. More on, the extended pull up bar is quite cost-effective so, youngsters with every financial background can easily afford this pull up bar to give a kick to their passion.

You can call it a chrome tube as it can be telescoped and extended up to a width of 3 feet. The rubber pads make pull up bar more flexible to use in the most efficient way because they do not let you lose the grip. There is no need to add brackets however you can still choose them to prevent from falling down.

The quality of extension is highly appreciated by users as it doesn’t restrict you to choose a single door frame, rather, you can install at any place that feels you convenient. The comfortable hand grips make this irresistible, so, it is really a hard option to be missed.

A Bird’s Eye View of Top Telescoping Doorway Pull up Bars

Sunny Health and Fitness Doorway Chin Up Bar


sunny health & fitness pull up bar

The Sunny health fitness exercising pull up bar has no match because the price of pull bar is set quite low, however, the manufacturing of pull up bar is also reliable and long-lasting.

The super easy installation makes it an irresistible option because the extenders can be twisted out to fit every style of the door frame.

The manufacturing of sunny doorway pull up bar is done with a fine material that makes it highly sturdy to even bear the weight of up to 220Ibs whereas the soft non-slip foam grip protects your hands from any damage so you’ll be able to focus on pull-ups rather just hanging on.

When you are done with the installation, the pull up bar will seem like a part of the door frame because the stability will also be ensured.

Multiple types of push ups and sit ups are usually required for making a sculpted body so the pull up bar will let you do stable and controlled push-ups. Moreover, when you’ll be done with the push-ups, the pull up bar can be easily removed from the door frame to place it anywhere else because its size is also not very large and it doesn’t look odd in any corner of the room as well.

However, if you want to left the pull up bar on the door frame then it will also prove effective because you can do some push ups and pull ups every time you pass the door, so in short, it is absolutely a great solution for giving a perfect shape to the body.

Although, the pull up bar doesn’t require brackets but adding them will provide an additional support as they can be fixed with the help of very small screws which do not even leave any mark on the door frame.

Have a Look at the Features of Sunny Chin up Bar!

The pull up bar has an adjustable length that can be effortlessly extended from 24.5” to 36” whereas the foam grips are also moveable and comfortable enough to reduce the hand fatigue.

The exercise variations include push ups, pull ups, ab work, and chin up. More on, screws and mounting brackets are also included in the features for giving maximum support while installation.

Crucial Facts While Looking for Pull up Bars

Exercise According to the Body Weight

There are multiple types of bodyweight pull up bars, however, the door frame Pull up bar is one of the most reliable comfortable and effective pieces. You shouldn’t start an exercise randomly rather the benefit should be kept in mind to get the maximum advantage.

The bodyweight-only exercise helps you avoiding the injury as it doesn’t overload the joints and muscles with excessive weight. The muscles of a human body can bear as much load only as the body can provide, so if the exercise is done in a controlled manner, pull up bar can really make a huge difference by improving the body shape.

Suppose, your weight is 150Ibs then it is obvious that each arm can handle 75Ibs only and it is enough for giving a shape to the upper body.

Highly Stable and Sturdy

The high-quality manufacturing of pull up bar provides it durability as its own weigh is approximately 10Ibs but it can handle a weight of 300Ibs which is absolutely a great feature of it. Meanwhile, the material used in the manufacturing of pull up bar also resists wear and tear, so it gives a long lasting use as well.


The portable exercising pull up bar always provides great use because you don’t to fix at a single place rather you can choose any door frame that seems more convenient as if rooms are occupied in the house, the pull up bar can be adjusted on the frames of TV lounge.

However, the pull up bars like Iron Gym Total Upper Body do not even require extra effort of fitting the supporting brackets that is undoubtedly great to for seamless fitting as no spots or marks will be left on the door frames and walls.

The experts recommend that while installing the pull up bar with similar features of Sunny Health and Fitness Bar, try to add the brackets as a precautionary measure because in that case, the users won’t have to worry regarding the injury and the whole focus will be on stable push-ups only.

The Versatility that will not be found anywhere else

You can build up a sculpted body until you set the body for multiple workouts. The variety in the workout is indispensable as otherwise, you won’t be able to build the desired sculpted body.

Try to choose the pull up bar that has multiple varieties of workouts like the Iron Gym Extreme Edition is designed with 5 grip positions, so, it is crucial to choose the most effective one as best pull up bars for 2018 are available in variables styles and features.

The Most Useful Pull up Bars are here:

  • Doorway pull up bars
  • Door frame pull up bars
  • Freestanding Pull Up bars
  • Wall mounted pull up bars

Do not forget to adopt the Precautions!

As you know that users have to shift all their weight to this exercising pull up bar so it is absolutely necessary to rely on a sturdy and strong pull up bar and this is possible only when the quality of manufacturing is not compromised. More on, make sure that doorframe is also constructed with cement and bricks as the wood frame may not prove reliable enough to bear heavy weight and may cause injury as a result.

The metal doorframe and plain drywall also not prove effective for the fitting of pull up bar. So, you have to be vigilant while choosing the portable pull up bar for home.

Irresistible Benefits of Pull up Bars

It is absolutely vital to know why you are going to use the exercising pull up bar and what will you achieve by using it. The sculpted body isn’t the dream of boys only but girls are also concerned about it especially those who have to present themselves in the sports activities.

The arms, back muscles, chest, and shoulders are prominent parts of one’s body and they need to be maintained for fitness and sculpted physique but you can’t givw them a shape until you choose to use pull up bar. Behind the physical aspects, this pull up bar is good to provide countless health benefits as well.

The gain in muscles mass, improvement in the posture, the protection of spine, and a strong impactful physique all are pros of using a pull up bar. The users get inspired when they come to know that Marine Corps also use this exercising pull up bar for the strength of their upper body.

As an initial step, you should do at least 3 pull-ups but as the bar is easily available at home, so you can effortlessly increase the number of push ups and pull ups by repeating them on daily basis.

It has been noticed that young persons are also facing the heart problems because we have restricted our lives to the office, home, and clubs only but everybody should try to use the pull up bar in the daily routine even if you can do push ups for two times only as this small number will also make a leave a good impact on the health.

Pull-up Bar for gaining Muscles Mass and Improving Posture

Building muscles is a bit tough job however through passion you can do it if you pull up 100 to 150Ibs on daily basis. The rounded shoulders and bad postures have caused disappointment in many lives but now surviving in the society is absolutely possible if you prefer to use pull up bar on daily basis at home.

Because when you’ll meet your friends after using a pull up bar for a month, compliments will definitely give a warm welcome to you. The correct structural position isn’t impossible now because the pull up bar lets you correct the bad posture without bearing high expense.

Considerations that shouldn’t be Ignored

The pull up or chin up exercise isn’t an easy move as most of the people end up doing two moves only.

So, if you have decided to install a pull up bar at the door frame of your home then try to do the exercise with consistency as otherwise, you’ll definitely not get the desired advantages because many users end up with disappointment just because they do not make this exercise a daily part of their routine.

So, make sure that you are determined enough to build a sculpted body by using the pull up bar on regular basis as leaving it in the middle will wipe out even all the previous efforts.

The Kipping Pull up Exercise

Most of the youngsters do not know about kipping pull ups but it is vital for them to know how to give a boost to upward bucking thrust as the kipping pull up is also known as hip snap pull up. The experts and most of the famous gym owners also prefer these pull-ups for higher and convenient repetitions.

However, a more controlled fashion is also common these days and is known as ‘Dead Hang’ pull up because it is completely opposite of the kipping one. If you want to know that which pull up is better than it is hard to tell as both are equally effective however the methods vary only, so you can do the one that suits you.

The Correct Method of Pull ups

Here, we are not going to define any significant method rather, general steps are discussed:

  • Take a start by hanging yourself from the pull up
  • Secondly, users need to pull themselves up but in a quite slower motion and they should continue this process until their chest touches the pull up bar. While pulling up, the chin must be above the pull up Users need to focus on their chest because the shoulders will automatically in the direction of the chest.
  • It is necessary to avoid swinging or arching the legs because in that case, the person doing exercise may lose his focus as pull-ups are effective only when they are done in a slow motion because in that case, every muscle will move in a controlled The technique which you try to rely on momentum does not prove suitable as it increases the chances of injury.
  • Now, it is the time to slowly take yourself down to the point from where you started and repeat this procedure multiple times while having a strong grip on pull up bar.
Why Experts Prefer Convenient Workouts?

You cannot make a routine of pull up workout until you find it convenient. This exercise is not effective for a single muscle or part of the body, but all the muscles get the advantage and that is why it is often known as compound exercise.

When the pull up bar is adjusted to the door frame of your own room, you will be saved from burning the fuel to go to gym daily and you’ll not have to wear the exercising costume even because, at home, every exercise seems convenient and this is the reason why experts also recommend to do the workout at your own home by using the pull up bar.

Each pull-up is highly effective for biceps, forearms, triceps, grip strength, shoulders, wrists, core, and core. So, it is obvious that you definitely get a perfect body shape.

More on, if you want to get selected in the sports event of your college or university then pull up bar is undoubtedly a great choice because you won’t even have to take off from the college rather, you can easily do the work out at home for building a sculpted body and the practitioners will definitely give you a chance because they prefer to select those candidates who seem fit and active.

It has been considered that workout is for strong muscles only but it is not limited to this advantage only as if weight loss is your objective, then you achieve it too by using any of the best pull up bars. However, you must continue some cycling as well because in that case, more calories will be burnt.

The pull-up exercise is effective for heart patients as it stabilizes the heart rate and boosts up the metabolism as well. Females often complain about the weakened back and a pain also however if they try to do at least two pull-ups daily then they’ll surely strengthen their back muscles.

Wait and have a Look of Caution too!

There is nothing bad of having a passion of sculpted physique but you shouldn’t do the workout by exceeding the limit as the human body can bear a fixed level of stress and pull up exercise, so exceeding the limit will leave adverse effects.

Try to get a complete check-up of your muscles and ask the doctor to set a limit of using pull up bar. This precaution will help you to not get injured and bear the adverse effects as well. Safety is better than a sculpted physique so try to avoid over exercise.

Final Suggestion

When you decide to buy a pull up bar, do not reach the company without even knowing the width of door frames at your home. Moreover, a reputable company is indispensable to choose otherwise you may rip off by wasting your money.

Make sure that you know your weight accurately because the best pull up bars for 2018 are designed according to the weight of users because if you choose a low-quality pull up bar then the chances of injury are high as the pull up bar may break during the workout and you may fell down, so quality analysis and proper inspection are crucial steps.