What is the Best Drink to Replenish Electrolytes | A Detailed Guide

What is the Best Drink to Replenish Electrolytes

What is the Best Drink to Replenish Electrolytes? While talking about the best drinks for electrolytes the first thing we want to understand is, what is an electrolyte and how, why they should be replenished, and why do we need them? Indeed it is the reality that most of us are totally unaware of electrolytes in our body. This article will help you a lot to understand about the electrolytes and also the best drinks that are helpful to replenish your electrolytes.

What are Electrolytes in our bodies?

What is the Best Drink to Replenish Electrolytes? As the name says, electrolytes are ions within our body that help to keep the fluid balance in our cells and control the PH level of the body normalizing the nerves, the cardiac and the muscular system of our body. It helps to normalize the temperature of our body and also improve our heart health.

Our body constantly processes electrolytes and liquid throughout the day and night. During this process, all the water and minerals present in our body are used for several functions like digestion, temperature regulation, and energy production.

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Why do we need to replenish electrolytes?

These electrolytes ions include sodium, calcium, bicarbonate, magnesium, chloride, phosphate and potassium. These are the essential components that we need in our body on a regular basis to function our body internal system. We get these minerals and electrolytes through our diet and it gets lost from our body during digestion, energy production, and urination and sweating.


It is necessary to replenish these electrolytes in our body for the healthy working of the body and to achieve good health. Electrolytes hydrate our bodies. The water we drink on a regular basis is only consumed by the body with the help of sodium and potassium electrolytes. If these electrolytes are absent the water we drink is totally useless. We can say that these are compulsory components needed by a human body to function properly and maintain good health.

What will happen if our electrolytes are not replenished?

If our body does not meet the required amount of these minerals, the health will get worst and the person would suffer from severe illness, weakness, dehydration, muscle cramping and spasm. Electrolyte imbalance is harmful to the body. It can also lead to hypertension, nervous and muscular tissues. To balance the amount of electrolyte in your body you need to take drinks and water that are electrolyte-rich.

Now here the main issue rises. We all are unaware of the drinks that are rich in electrolytes and can help to replenish electrolytes. Here is the list of some best drinks that helps to replenish electrolytes improving your health.

1. Natural Fruit juices:

Natural fruit juices basically orange, apple, lemon-infused water are known as the great source of electrolytes that helps in hydrating your body. These naturally obtained juices are high in calories. Now here we are talking about the natural orange juice not the one that is packed and we get easily from the market. Natural orange juice or lemon-infused water are electrolyte-rich drinks.

The one we get in the market has passed through a different process of preservation and artificial flavors are also added to it that clearly kills it natural essence taking such juices thinking they are rich in the electrolyte is a big mistake. 100% pure juices are a great source of vitamins, antioxidants and also electrolytes.

2. Coconut Water:

Coconut water is yet another source of hydrant that helps to keep your body hydrated. Coconut water comes in at 45 calories per serving and is the natural source of electrolytes. Being low in sugar it also carries electrolytes like sodium, potassium, calcium, and magnesium. Indeed it is one of the best drinks that help to replenish electrolytes.

3. Pedialyte

Another option to get your body hydrated and replenish electrolytes. Pedialyte is often given to children or patients suffering from dehydration. It is commonly known as an electrolytic drink for children and adults. Pedialyte is prescribed as a rehydration supplement to people suffering from fluid loss due to diarrhea.

Nowadays it has become one important drink that must be added in our daily routine because it contains some amount of sugar and calories with a large amount of some electrolytes like sodium, chloride, and potassium.

4. Hydration powder mixes

Hydration powder mixes are used for hydration. It tops up the fluid and electrolyte levels in the body. It contains only a small amount of calories. Hydration Powder contains a specific proportion of sodium, potassium, and glucose that allows the body to absorb fluids more efficiently.

5. Sports drinks

Sports Drinks are indeed a good option for athletes and active working people, but also a helpful drink for everyone who performs several physical activities. Sports drinks are usually taken by athletes or sportsmen who exercise and burn their calories.

Hence they take sports drinks to balance their caloric load. It is also taken by athletes as easily digestible carbs, fluid and electrolytes to maintain the hydration level of their body and to consume maximum energy for their athletic session. Sports drinks usually come with sugar and electrolytes, hence it is a good source to replenish calories and electrolytes. On the other side, fresh juices are also known as best sports drinks rather than the commercial ones we get from the market as they are highly rich in artificial flavors and sugar.

6. Milk

If we talk about electrolytes replenishing drinks then milk should not be left aside because cow’s milk is a complete balanced diet that our body needs. It contains a rich supply of electrolytes like calcium, sodium, and potassium. Milk contains a healthy combination of carbs and proteins that helps to refuel the body and promote muscle tissues. Carbohydrates and proteins are two major electrolytes that are present in milk.  So one should not miss the use of milk in their regular routine. The ones who don’t like cow milk can also use soy milk for replenishing electrolytes.

7. Electrolyte-infused waters

Another great way to keep yourself hydrated with low calories is electrolyte-infused water. Nowadays there are several brands of electrolytes infused water available in our market that are indeed a good source to replenish the electrolyte amount in your body. Electrolyte infused water is specially designed to assist hydration and replace, sodium, calcium, magnesium and other minerals in your body along with a higher quantity of electrolytes. While buying electrolytic water, you have to select the one which is low in carbs and sugar value and rich in electrolytes.

8. Smoothies

Smoothies are excellent electrolytes- rich drinks in which several electrolyte-rich foods are mixed to make one drink. Our dairy products, fruits, vegetables, nuts, dry fruits are the best source of electrolyte and these are blended while making a smoothie which makes them a complete electrolyte-rich drink.

If you want to replenish the electrolyte amount in your body then move forward to make natural smoothies and add them to your regular diet. Smoothies not only replace the lost electrolytes but also helps in the growth and support of your body muscle tissue.  While taking smoothie all you have to do is that you should take it an hour before performing any activity because smoothies leave you to feel full and make you sleepy.

9. Watermelon water

Watermelon water is the juice that we get from watermelon. We all know that watermelon is a great source of water. Besides this, it is rich in natural minerals. 1 glass of watermelon juice clearly provides the maximum amount of potassium and magnesium needed by our body on a daily basis. It also provides some amount of electrolytes like calcium and phosphorus.

How can you know that your electrolytes need to be replenished now?

If you experience any one of the following symptoms then move forward to replenish your electrolytes. Here are the symptoms mentioned.

  • Dizziness
  • dark yellow urine
  • thirst
  • muscular cramps
  • muscle weakness
  • lethargy
  • dry skin
  • dry mouth and tongue
  • high blood pressure

This is all for this article. Hope you will like it.

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