Exerpeutic 250 Manual Treadmill

Best Review of Exerpeutic 250 Manual Treadmill

Exerpeutic 250 Manual Treadmill

Exerpeutic 250 Manual Treadmill is the best machine for burn calories. In the marketplaces there are so many options for fitness machines and people struggle to get the best machine for their exercise. Nowadays Treadmill comes on the market in different categories one of them, motorized treadmill and manual treadmill. The motorised treadmill is powered by electronics and the other manual treadmill depend on the paddle of the user.

But Exerpeutic 250 Manual treadmill has so many features and benefits than electronic. It is wrong to say that this treadmill is infinitely cheaper than others. Both treadmills are made for the same purpose. Such as handrails, frame, belt, deck, rollers, and flywheel.

First of all electronic treadmill is used only by electricity on the other hand manual treadmill can be used by the workforce. Its mean it depends on the user. Through this treadmill, it will burn your more extra calories but in a different way. Regular walk on this treadmill can change your body shape. All it depends on your own strength that your body provides to you. Manual treadmill computes your speed time and burns calories through its sensors because it has not console.

Specifications of Exerpeutic 250 Manual treadmill:

The manual treadmill has the setting by 9% or 12% for incline increment. It can bear almost 260 Ibs weight and has steel tube frame. We can use flywheel function to turn the belt, which will make the operation more smooth or quiet.  This treadmill also has heart monitoring sensor. Through this sensor, you can check your heart rating while walking. It will be an excellent source for burning extra calories. Exerpeutic 250 Manual treadmill is so easy to use but not for beginners. Due to its quietness, you can easily listen to your songs and any TV show without any disturbance. When you think, you don’t have any need of this treadmill than you can store it by its folding design, through this you can be able to save your floor space.

Why choose manual treadmill:

There are many who, not aware of this treadmill is. They don’t know how it could be beneficial for them. That’s why they always prefer to use the electronic treadmill. Due to lack of knowledge about the manual treadmill, they ignore it and select any other treadmill for walking and jogging. Now am going to tell you some benefits and advantages of this treadmill as below:

Cheaper than others:

Manual treadmill is so cheaper than other electronic and automatic treadmills

High safety:

It provides a lot of high protection to the user. It will automatically stop when you stop working. On the other hand electronic treadmill stop only on your touch button otherwise it can be harm your body if you fall away.

Up to your strength:

You can walk on this treadmill according to your own power. That’s it will depend on your running speed. If you are fast, it will become fast. If its rate will low when your walk lows.

Perfect user:

An Exerpeutic 250 Manual treadmill is ideal for that user who’s body lower. Due to its short height, they can work out more than other users.

Easy to store:

Exerpeutic 250 Manual treadmill is very easy to store. When you do not any need of it, you can store it anywhere.


  • Weight: 30 lbs.
  • Length: 51”
  • Max user weight: 260 lbs.
  • Width: 26”
  • Height: 50”
  • Running surface: 13”x41”


Exerpeutic 250 Manual treadmill has limited warranty. That’s limited warranty is for 1 year

Computer Features:

  • Distance
  • Calories Burned
  • Speed
  • Time
  • LCD.
  • Display readouts include:

Other Features:

  • Accuracy balanced 7 lb and flywheel provides and quietness during operation. It will not interfere with watching television and listening to music.
  • Adjustments Quick release incline features and very easy minimum 2 position incline levels of 9% and 12% respectively.
  • This treadmill has heart pulse sensors allow the user to measure there target heart rate zones and heart pulse levels.
  • Steel frame with powder coated finish.
  • This machine has Extra extended safety handles with comfortable foam grips are more than 2X the length of other typical manual treadmills.
  • Folds up easily for storage.


When you are purchasing from any company shipping always depend on your purchasing. There are a lot of company in the market who give the facility of transportation and get charge up to 200$. In other words, we can say that they provide this facility according to your pocket. Many give the opportunity of free shipping such as amazon.com

Final thoughts:

The Exerpeutic 250 Manual treadmill has many advantages and benefits of a workout at home. Nobody knows who they can choose best for an exercise at home. There are a lot of machines that could be one of the fitness collection. Manual is one of the most beneficial treadmills for your fitness. With all this advantages and features that you read on the top, I hope you will think once..!