How Much Can the Average Man Lift? | Average Strength By Age

How much can the average man lift

How much can the average man lift? Get to know about the maximums lift. Weight lifting varies from body to body, and it’s challenging to find out the right answer of how much can the average man lift? We can’t standardize average weight, but as per body type and workout, we can get to know somehow about variation.

We have figured out some aspects that will help you to know how much can the average man lift? Weight lifting standards are figured out as per the different criteria, and we will try to explain in detail in this blog. Do let us know was it helpful for you or not. Some people lose weight through weight lifting because it burns your calories.

What is Weight Lifting Standards?

Everyone must take a look in detail at body weight lifting standards because it helps you to find out about do’s and don’ts even being a body weight lifter. It varies from workout to workout. Whatever exercise type, you will choose weight lifting standards will be different. But before heading towards let me tell you the basic thing about beginners to experts. What will be the strength standards for them?

  • For beginners, they can perform correct movement and make sure they have been practicing for this for at least one month.
  • For Intermediate, trainer regularly gets training on this for at least 2 years.
  • For advanced, they need to be experts in this for five years at least.

Weight Lifting Standards As per workouts

Bench Press: 10,981,000 Lifts

Squat: 6,367,000 Lifts

Deadlifts: 6,433,000 Lifts

Shoulder press: 1,592,000 Lifts

Barbell Curl: 783,000 Lifts

Bent-Over Row: 500,000 Lifts

EZ Bar curl: 6,000 Lifts

T-Bar Row: 50,000 Lifts

Rack pull: 29,000 Lifts

Box Squat: 18,000 Lifts

Upright Row: 43,000 Lifts

Triceps Extension: 44,000 Lifts

Front Squat: 534,000 Lifts

Weight Lifting Standards As Per Bodyweight

Pullups: 91,0000 lifts

Pushups: 437,000 lifts

Dips: 365,000 lifts

Chin-Ups: 201,000 lifts

Muscle Ups: 49,000 lifts

Sit-Ups: 51,000 lifts

Bodyweight Squat: 30,000 lifts

Crunches: 29,000 lifts

Single-Leg Squat: 15,000 lifts

Diamond Pushups: 1,000 lifts

One Arm Push-Ups: 12,000 lifts

Russian twist: 713 lifts

Back Extension: 665 lifts

Weight Lifting Standards As per Machine

Chest press: 59,000 lifts

Leg Extension: 105,000 lifts

Calf raise: 60,000 lifts

Pec Deck Fly: 18,000 lifts

Hip Abduction: 9,000 lifts

Seated Leg Curl: 42,000 lifts

Lying leg Curl: 32,000 lifts

Hip Adduction: 6,000 lifts

These are the weight lifting standards that should be known to everyone as per machine, bodyweight and different workouts. It has been figured out by US centers that 29 percent of males are weight train. These numbers vary from person to person as per strength training. In female weight, strength train is at 17.5 percent.

Get the best fitness trainer who can guide you on dos and don’ts. If you people haven’t decided yet then hit the gym today because it’s important to know what standard is suitable for you.

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