How To Lose 2 Pounds A Week 15 Best Weight Loss Tips !

How To Lose 2 Pounds A Week

It is true that people who suffer through extra fat want to know how to lose 2 pounds a week. However, still, the majority of the people end up losing a few pounds a month only. A normal healthy person usually follows a good diet plan and people think that skipping lunch or dinner can help them losing weight. This is an absolutely wrong approach.

People need to understand that dieting is not necessary for losing 2 pounds a week. However, one should follow the most appropriate diet plan that can actually help towards losing weight. It has been noticed that people who start gaining weight and extra fat do not notice at the initial stage which leads to growth in the fat rate. It is vital to go for immediate treatment while you feel extra fat.

Doctors also recommend that people should start controlling the fat right from the time when they start gaining weight. Well, besides a perfect diet plan, exercise is a vital thing for all whether a person is fat or slim.

Follow These Tips For How To Lose 2 Pounds A Week

However, people who actually want to lose 2 pounds a week shouldn’t quit exercise because it is one of the mandatory things. Well, in this blog, you can learn some really good and easy ways of losing weight. So keep reading till the end.

Add Soluble Fiber in your Diet!

Are you aware of soluble fiber? Well, basically fiber makes the food digestion process a bit slow for making you feel full and so ultimately, you won’t eat unnecessarily. Besides this, fiber proves quite effective for absorbing less amount of calories from the food you eat.

So it is important that you eat the food that contains soluble fiber because such types of things ultimately help you losing weight. Blackberries and avocadoes are perfect sources of soluble fiber. However, you can Brussels sprouts in your diet as well. So, the five things fiber does to you:

  • Absorbs calories
  • Triggers the digestion process
  • Keeps you active
  • Burns belly fat
  • Helps towards weight-loss

Add Soluble Fiber in your Diet

Avoid Excessive Alcohol!

Did you ever notice that fat people drink alcohol in more quantity as compared to slim people? The first reason of drinking excessive alcohol is being depressed due to the extra fat on the body. However, alcohol does nothing except making you even fatter. So all those who are curious to know how to lose 2Ibs a week should make sure to quit the habit of drinking excessive alcohol.

Avoid Excessive Alcohol

It is one of the crucial things to focus on the daily things you do because each thing plays an important role in making the body slimmer or fatter. However, if you are unable to control the weight and it is increasing rapidly, it would be better to quit alcohol for a time till you lose some of the weight.

High-Protein Diet is Vital!

When it comes about weight control, protein is one of the main things that help to reduce the weight be simply decomposing the fat level in a body. There is a common perception that meat of goat, chicken, or fish can cause gaining extra weight which is absolutely wrong. It doesn’t matter what you eat, everything should be taken in an exact portion.

If you eat meat in a normal quantity, it will not only provide you with energy but the fat reduction will also become possible. How to lose two pounds a week is one of the most asked questions and here, by adding protein in your diet, you can get a better answer to this question. Doctors also recommend the high-protein diet to all the patients who want to lose 2 pounds a week because it actually works for killing calories.

High Protein Diet is Vital

Try to Take Less Stress!

Stress in life ultimately leads to obesity and an increase in weight. People who stay worried and depressed get fatter earlier than the ones who try to stay happy. So, if you have any sort of stress in life, try to kick it out. The less you’ll take the stress, the more it will become easy to lose extra weight.

Obesity’s main reason is stress and it is important to say goodbye to a stressful life. People who gain extra weight shouldn’t be depressed at all because it is not an impossible thing to lose 2 pounds a week. Meanwhile, you should focus on the things that make you happy and stress-free.

Try to take less Stress

Exercise is Compulsory!

Everybody is aware of the fact that exercise gives unlimited benefits. You may feel a bit hard getting early in the morning however it is always said that morning exercise brings more benefits. Well, if you have a bit tough routine and waking up in the morning isn’t an easy thing for you then you can surely join evening gym. You can lose weight by running in the park or using the best treadmill for running. Everyone needs space at home but small spaces treadmill is ideal for you if you have no extra spaces.

However, it doesn’t matter how tough your routine is, you cannot lose weight without doing exercise. More on, exercise is not vital for fat persons only but every single person should add exercise in their daily routine. For losing 2 pounds a week, jogging is mandatory however you can bring a treadmill to your home too for making it an easier option to do.

Exercise is Compulsory

If you want to lose 2 pounds a week you should exercise daily.

Eat Less Sweet Dishes!

Sugar causes extra fat and increases the level of calories as well. Cakes, pastries, custard, trifle, brownies, hot chocolate ultimately become the reason of gaining extra weight. People who can’t resist eating sweet dishes usually gain more weight than others.

Well, if you truly aim to lose 2Ibs a week, you’ll surely have to reduce the intake of sugar. It doesn’t matter whether it is a coffee or tea, try to make it less sugary. It is not difficult to quit sweet dishes for around three weeks because, in this period, you’ll become able to reduce a large portion of extra fat. So, it would be better if you slowly start eliminating sugar from the food you eat on a daily basis in order to get the best results.

Eat less Sweet Dishes

Avoid Beverages!

Beverages like coke, shakes, smoothies, and tetra pack juices should be avoided. More on, energy drinks are also not good to drink because such types of beverages contain excessive sugar and other ingredients that cause an increase in fat. The beverages are never recommended to drink because most of the energy drinks are labelled for energy but these actually do not work for energy gain rather the drinks cause various diseases.

Avoid Beverages

If you really want to lose 2 pounds a week you should also have to leave Beverages.

Have Restful Sleep!

If you do not have restful sleep, your health will start getting adverse effects and it can become one of the major reasons for gaining weight. It is quite important that you sleep for at least 8 hours every night because proper sleep reduces the chances of extra weight.

lose 2 pounds a week


Our busy life has limited us to the sleep of three to four hours only but if you are aiming to lose 2 pounds a week, it is vital to have a good sleep. More on, people should try to sleep in the night rather the day-time sleep. Night sleep has far better benefits that day-time sleep. The nighttime should not be wasted in parties as if you sleep at8:00 pm in the night, you can get maximum sleep and you’ll be able to wake up early in the morning for exercise.

Have Restful Sleep

Black Coffee is good to Drink!

So are you trying to know how to lose 2 pounds a week? Well, black coffee is good to add in the daily diet plan. However, if you take it in the noon or evening, it will work better for burning calories. But, for breakfast, it is necessary that you eat healthy food like eggs, fresh juice, and butter because breakfast is vital and you can make it a bit long by eating more. So, black coffee should be taken other than breakfast.

Black Coffee is good to Drink

Salad for Lunch!

When we talk about salad, people assume Russian salad only. Well, the fresh salad shouldn’t contain mayo, cheese, ketchup, and sugar. It should be a combo of finely chopped fresh vegetables like cucumbers, tomatoes, boiled peas, carrots, cabbage, and boiled potatoes.

You can add spices for making the combo tastier. This salad is perfect for lunch. Dieting doesn’t mean that you stay hungry or quit the food of one or two times rather it is about eating healthy food that contains fewer calories but provides energy and necessary vitamins to the body. More on, you can add fruits in the salad too. Apple is good to add because it helps to burn the calories.

Salad for Lunch

Green Tea!

Green tea can bring a real positive change if you try to drink it on a regular basis. However, you should avoid drinking green tea while having an empty stomach because the best way is to take it after lunch or dinner. There are different flavours of green tea including lemon, peach, strawberry, and mint.

However, lemon and mint are best for burning calories and reducing weight. In short, green tea can work in an amazing way if you try to make the routine perfect and it is also necessary to not quit green tea unless you lose the extra fat.

Green Tea

Plenty of Water!

If you are aiming to lose two pounds a week, it is essential to drink plenty of water. The energy drinks, smoothies, and other beverages should be replaced by water because it flushes it all the unnecessary things from the body in the form of urine. More on, water makes the digestion process quite fast and so the food you’ll eat will be digested rapidly. When you go to an office or college, try to carry a large water bottle with yourself and you should finish that bottle during that the work-time.

Plenty of Water

Make a Diet Chart!

When you decide to lose weight, it is important to make a diet chart where you mention all the food items that you can eat. You can make a weekly or monthly chart by simply mentioning the items for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It will be easy for you to follow the everyday chart and keeping the weight losing ambition alive.

The chart should be pasted on the wall so it can remind you about the items you are allowed to eat for the whole day. There should be a proper quantity of protein, calcium, and vitamins in the diet. So, you’ll be able to stay healthy while eating suitable food items. Natural food like vegetables, seafood, meat, and fruits should be preferred rather cereals or sealed food.

Make a diet Chart

Chew Properly!

It is important that you eat food in a slow manner for making sure that all the food particles are decomposed into smaller pieces. The more you will chew the food, the more it will be digested easily. It may seem unimportant however it makes a difference.

The perfectly digested food ensures a healthy life and protects from extra belly fat as well. So if you normally give 5 minutes to finish lunch, try to change the habit by finishing lunch in at least 15 minutes.

Chew Properly

Avoid Oily and Junk Food!

Oily food causes extra fat and it does not digest easily. Oily food should be eliminated from the diet chart. Junk food like burgers and pizzas should also be avoided. A person who aims to lose 2Ibs a week will have to change the complete eating habit. It may prove a bit difficult to you but it is vital to resist junk and oily food because if you keep eating such types of food items, you won’t be able to lose weight or burn extra calories.

Avoid Oily and Junk Food

Fasting is Good!

Fasting has unlimited benefits. Losing weight can become easy for you if you fast on often basis. You can set a routine by deciding one or two days a week.

Want to Lose 2 Pounds A Week? Be Sure to Eat Lots of This!

It will not only speed up the metabolism system but you will get an easy way to reduce the weight. It is not as difficult as it seems. So, if you show a little courage, it can become an easy thing to lose 2 pounds a week without going out of the way.

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