Long Distance Running Tips And Techniques For Beginners

Running Tips And Techniques For Beginners

Tips For Running Long Distance:

Nowadays everyone wants to fit yourself but life is too much busy and no one has a time for the gym or running. even then people wanna fit yourself without going to gym or running. In this article, I will tell you all about long distance running tips and techniques for beginners. Especially sports doctors say that in childhood we ran the most correctly. The fact is that the body forgets about the safe technique of running, it is strongly influenced by a smooth gait, shoes, a changed way of life. Meanwhile, running correctly is very important not so much for the results, but because of the need to maintain healthy joints and the spine.

To avoid becoming a victim of “wrong” running, we advise you to listen to a few simple tips about running equipment. Then this occupation will turn into pleasure, and your knees will remain unharmed – not for nothing that entire schools of correct running are so popular now. Some people are so busy and they have no time for exercises like going gym or park, they bring a best home treadmill at your home and I think it is a good idea.

Best Time To Run For Weight Loss

Well, it’s better at all times but some time is most effective for running and in this time weight must lose and we say this time it is the best time to run for weight loss for fitness purpose. Trainers and doctors conclude that the morning run is more useful for the heart that is, the endurance of the body and for general recovery.

Best Time To Run For Weight Loss

The only caution if you are a resident of a megalopolis, then in the mornings a large amount of harmful gases accumulates in the atmosphere, in this case, the workout is better in the gym with proper ventilation. Or find a park away from the roads and industrial areas and close to the river or lake.

Morning run awakens the body, muscles and internal organs are saturated with oxygen, which gives a supply of vitality for the whole day. It is not too late to run in the evening – after class, you cannot fall asleep quickly. It is also essential to focus on your rhythm of life and work schedule: if you finish your shift by midnight, then there can be no talk of an evening run, and you shouldn’t force your body early in the morning. In this case, run during the day.

Do not start with marathon distances.

If you decide to run every morning or at least three times a week (which is optimal), and not once a month, do not drive yourself to the first workout. A serious load for the first time will discourage all desire to get up early in the morning, and the muscles will hurt too much. Take pauses and breaks: tired – go to walk or do exercises bend, squat, jump.

Do not start with marathon distances

Such knocks will give a break and diversify the monotonous run, turn on other muscles of the body and keep it in a “hot” state. Too often interrupted by walking? Slow down the pace of running. Ideally, it is good to have a heart rate monitor: the heartbeat should not be too high, the average value is 140-160 beats per minute.

If the pulse is too high 180-190 beats then you should slow down.
Try to start with simple goals: for example, run 30 minutes without stopping. Take your time and do not drive, you run only for yourself and your pleasure. After a month and a half, complicate the task: run 5 kilometers without stopping in 30 minutes, but increase the pace gradually.

What to Eat Before And After running

Water while running should always be at hand, this is the law. No matter what distance you determine for yourself, the water bottle should run with you. The liquid dilutes the blood; it is good for the heart, it saves from dehydration and heat stroke especially important in summer does not allow to freeze during the winter run.

What to Eat Before And After running

During the run you will lose at least half a liter of liquid, you need to fill the same amount. It is convenient to hold sports bottles in your hand if it seems to you an uncomfortable solution there are lightweight backpacks and belts with individual holders.
With food for lovers and beginners, everything is relatively simple; the same rule applies here as for any sport.

What to Eat The Night Before A Run

Do not go for a run too fed up or hungry, the last meal – no later than an hour before leaving the park or the track. An ideal supply of nutrients is the “right” carbohydrates and some protein. This will give enough energy and allow the muscles to grow and strengthen.

What to Eat The Night Before A Run

Relax Your Body:

Again, the actual for any physical activity advice: pay attention to the alarm signals. Pain in the knee or other supporting joints ankle, spine and even neck sharp pains in the side right or left a metallic taste in the mouth, pinching of the waist, dizziness or darkness in the eyes are clear signals that need to stop.

relax your body

Try to do it smoothly by going first to race walking. Listen to your condition; maybe you need to drink some water or relax. If you feel that one break is not enough, or if the pain in the knees has become noticeable, consult a sports doctor, ask an experienced runner or coach for advice. The main thing running should contribute only to improving health, stamina, and strength, pay attention to all the signals of your body. If you can not do anything and your budget is very low you can not bring a treadmill at your home I suggest you that bring just dip bar stand at your home. It is really effective for body fitness.

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