If you looking for the best wall mounted pull up bars you are at the right article. Pull-ups is an excellent exercise for building muscle especially upper body muscle. I personally told you guys that my favorite exercise is pull up bar usually I start every exercise from pull up bar. I do back training in a month just one time because when I go to the gym, I start warm-up from portable pull up bar. Therefore, my wings (back) are very muscular and huge. Guys You can also bring at home portable dib bar if you have no time to go to the gym.

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Benefits and Tricks Of Best Wall Mounted Pull Up Bars:

How to learn to pull up is probably the most painful question that challenges any beginner to the gym. I must say at once that this training is not an easy one, and not everyone can do it because certain subtleties and chips are not visible at first look, but on which much of the success in overcoming the crossbar depends.
This is something we’ll talk about today, or more precisely. We’ll find out why many never manage to catch up, what are the practical pieces that can help in such a responsible lesson and a lot of useful things.

doorway pull up bar damage

Learning About pull up Bar what does not give:

The dislike of pull-ups in the majority of the male is placed since childhood, or rather, from school physical education lessons. And do you remember, what were your favorite activities in physical education? I think I will not be mistaken if I say that these are all kinds of ball games, jumping over a goat, etc.

The most non-proprietary were running, push-ups from the floor and, of course, pull ups.
As soon as the teacher says that in the next lesson the standards are surrendered, half a class of boys suddenly fall ill, others forget the running shoe with a uniform, and still, others reluctantly go and blow themselves away for everyone else.

It was rarely possible to meet classes in which the boys cleanly passed all standards, the teacher of physical education usually helped he could say, he pulled times. The relationship of most of the guys with the horizontal bar can be described as hanging out, swaying from side to side and hanging in the style of a la limp sausage.
Usually, the stumbling block in the surrender of standards were these most hapless pull ups. The unfortunate because no one said how to learn to pull up and how to do it correctly. Well, the time has come for justice to achievement, and everyone has finally understood what is happening and why. And this is exactly our article today.
So, the horizontal bar is the most straightforward missile of two vertical pillars and one flat cover the crossbar, first hand familiar to athletics athletes and gymnasts, as well as the serving part of the male population.

The simplicity of the design does not in any way lessen from its merits, on the different, it is pulling up is one of the universal exercises, which works out a large number of muscle groups.
Before turning to the various lotions, let’s analyze what all the same interferes to catch up?

learning about pull up bar

The main factors of the non-sock are most often the same, and this is.


The higher the weight of the person, the more the combined efforts of the muscles it needs to make to tear him from the floor. If the problems with weight are quite substantially more than the standard by 15 or 20 kg, then you can forget about the pull ups before hanging off extra kilos.

General Physical Weakness:

If a person has forgotten about sports after school and is more substantial than a spoon in principle, he didn’t raise anything; then due to lack of physical strength and endurance, it will be difficult for him to take precedence over the crossbar.

Poorly Developed Cardiovascular System:

It would seem that this is what? It’s very simple the heart pumps blood. When you pull up, the body’s energy rises, the blood begins to fill the bloodstream actively, and often it does not have time to push through the narrow lumens of the veins capillaries, and the person feels blackening in the eyes and dizziness.

The weakness of Secondary Muscle Groups:

Pull ups are like a long chain consisting of a set of links. Often the ability to pull up is determined by the strength of weak links, which are lagging behind.

The wrong technique of doing the exercise.

As a rule, those who start pulling up, do not know anything about what is correct, but generally about the technique of performing this exercise. For the most part, the whole procedure comes down to pelvic frictional movements, strong shake, and self-assisting.

Banal lack of skill and discrepancy of muscle work:

Because a person very rarely turns to a horizontal bar, he simply lacks practical skills in this matter. There is a discrepancy in the work of the nervous and muscular systems. Those the signal from the central nervous system is fed to the muscles in time, but the latter are included in the work in a discord.

So, actually, these are all restraining factors that prevent a person from catching up properly. We now turn to the physiology of exercise.
If you learn to pull yourself up well, it will automatically mean an increase in the following muscle groups on your body. The muscles of the upper body shoulders, back, chest. You have very wide back muscles wings, arm flexors, and brachialis.

upper body shoulders


If we consider the full range of muscles involved in tightening, then the following image from the book on bodybuilding Structure of strength exercises will help you.

Before proceeding to the study of various secondary techniques of suspenders, it must be borne in mind that there are multiple techniques of grip, i.e., the position of the hands relative to the crossbar. The most common grip is straight 2, there is also a reverse 1
hand from below and combined 3, one hand from the top, the other from the bottom.

one hand pull up bar

The direct grip is aimed at developing the muscles of the shoulders and back, the reverse more flexors muscle extensors of the arms like biceps are involved in the work.
The types of grip are directly related to the width of the grip, and the angle of attack of the load on different muscles depends on its degree the correlation of hands. Thus, the wider the grip, the higher the burden on the back muscles.

With a very wide grip, the muscles will not be fully worked out because they perform their movement on a reduced fullness. If you use a wide reverse grip, you must fully control the movement and perform it slowly. Otherwise, you may damage the ligaments.
Well, now let’s move on to the technical and practical chips.

Learn How To Do A Pull Up  BarAction Plan:

It’s time to consider the specific steps that will help you in the development of the bar. I will try to provide the most detailed list of what you really will help in achieving this goal to learn to pull up.
Method number 1 Preliminary strengthening of the muscular frame.

As already mentioned, pulling up is a multi-joint essential exercise along with the classic bodybuilding trio, and it involves both primary and auxiliary muscle groups. Therefore, before moving on to the horizontal bar, first strengthen and pump your biceps, latissimus dorsi, and posterior delts.

Also, start your battle with the horizontal bar with a simple hanging. Try to hang as much as possible. So you will strengthen your grip and let your ligaments and muscles get used to the weight of your body. Also practice grip exercises with dumbbells, weights, and barbells in a slope to the belt. They will strengthen your back well, and this is the main working muscle in the pull-ups.

t bar row back


It is always easier to start not from zero, but from some collected base.

Method number 2: The alternative is good too.

Also, the preparatory stage before the real pull-ups can include such exercises as the thrust of the upper block with a wide arm in the simulator or gravitons helps the athlete pull up, thanks to the counterweight system.

Also, if there are no such simulators in the hall, the charter for the time of your boyfriend girlfriend who will support you around the waist, and you will be stretched to the full amplitude under their vigilant control. Of course, these exercises are the only imitation of full-fledged pull-ups, but you will receive specific skills in mastering movement and strengthening target muscle groups.

Method number 3. Start small partial pull ups.

If you cannot cleanly without jerks pull up in full amplitude, then try to reach as far as possible. Hold this top position for a few seconds and try again. It is necessary to take new heights with each new workout and linger at the extreme point.
Method number 4. Negative pull-up.
Another way is to work only in the negative phase, i.e., You just sink to the position of fully extended arms. The idea is this: you take any stand, put it under a horizontal bar, stand on it, take the top position and then move your legs and slowly go down. In the upper area when the angle in the elbow is 90 degrees make a static delay. All this will increase your strength and strengthen your tendons.

method pull up bar

Method Number 4. Horizontal pull-ups on a low crossbar.

The best option, especially for girls. The body is at an angle 30-50 degrees to the horizontal plane, the crossbar at chest level. Straighten your arms, and then draw your chest to the crossbar see the image. If you have problems with this design, then use the Smith simulator, it is in almost any gym and with its help, you can quickly perform this exercise, the main thing is to choose the height of the racks.

Method Number 5. Pulling up on the uneven bars.

Exercise from the category of the yard, i.e., to perform it, sports bars are needed, which can almost always be found in any school grounds. Starting position – you need to take the bars with palms inward, throw your legs on the crossbar, arms and back are straight. The technique of performance – pull yourself up with your hands and touch the level of the bars with your chest, fix this state for a few seconds, return to the ready.

back best pull up bar exercise

Method Number 6. Rubber pull ups.

Sports equipment plays an gradually supporting role in the life of an athlete. In particular, rubber harnesses help in the development of pull ups. The rubber assistant is attached to the crossbar, a loop is formed at the bottom, into which the legs knees are pushed. When tightening the gum will help you reach up.

rubber pull ups

Actually, we finished with the how to learn to pull up chips, now let’s take a little philosophical note on the topic: why so many never learn to pull up. Everything is straightforward, often, many people who can never catch up is already scared by the very word horizontal bar. This is connected first of all with psychology well you and abundant, i.e., people imagine what they will think about them when they see their horizontal bar incompetent. Many people also like portable dip bar because dip bar also makes the muscular shoulder.

Best Wall Mounted Pull Up Bars 2017

Thus, it turns out that all the problems in my head. The only way out of such a situation can be to understand that this is purely your far-fetched point of view, but in fact, nobody absolutely cares if you can pull yourself up or not, everyone only thinks about their results. So feel free to jump on the crossbar, and behind you and others will catch up.
If you are well directly a timid person, then organize yourself a horizontal bar at home, for this, you need a drill, mounting angles and a metal crossbar, in particular, here is one of the design options for home use.

Very low-cost options it is to adopt any room door or curbstone, in general, fantasize. And you will see that the horizontal bar at home is a matter of 2-5 minutes. On this all yes really, go to the conclusion.

My Final Word About Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar:

In this article I explain entirely about wall mounted pull up bar I hope your all doubt will be clear. Today we are quite detailed and thoroughly enlightened in the question of how to learn to pull up. In the next issue, we will learn about the correct technique of working with a crossbar, consider how to improve the results in the tightening, and also analyze the effective programs of pull ups. The same article came to an end, thanks for staying with the project until we meet again.

I hope you like my article and please comment back.


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