How to Build Biceps Without Weights or Pull Ups At Home

How to Build Biceps Without Weights or Pull Ups

Get to know about How to build biceps without weights or pull ups? We always look forward to How to build biceps without weights or pullups? Because nowadays we don’t have time to hit the gym despite busy schedules. If you people want to have a toned Biceps, then it can be achieved without gym equipment as well.

You might have come across numerous exercises for different parts of the body. Gym-owners instruct their clients to work on their arms to lose arm fat without weights. This is a time not to get ready to build biceps. In this blog, we are going to let you know how to build biceps without weights or pull-ups? You can become a personal trainer by reading this article.

 6 Ways to Get How to Build Biceps Without Weights or pull-ups?

1. Half Curls

It may seem weird to you all, but it can train your biceps without using any equipment. All you need to do is to bent legs in front of you to keep the arms straight and tuck hand under legs against the floor. Lift your upper body upwards and if you feel a slight burn, then its working and keep repeating.

2. Knee Curl

All you need to do is to sit on a chair or keep your legs flat by tucking hands under knees or hamstrings. Pull your upper body down toward knees by using biceps. It will provide resistance by fighting biceps by keep yourself straight.

3. Static Contraction

All you can do for this to pull down on your arm or give tension to biceps for static contraction. It will train through the entire range of motion. Different professional trainers are suggesting people use your whole body by keeping self-resistance and static contraction.

4. Inverted Row

This exercise targets biceps, and it’s a common exercise that you people can try within your office premises. Grab something while lying flat on the floor. Grip one edge of the chair and pull up the upper body and hold it for few seconds and then repeat it. We suggest you happen twice. With constant repetition, you will feel your biceps.

5. Pull-ups

It is best for the upper body and has been strengthening the muscles, including Biceps, chest, and shoulders. To perform this correctly place hands shoulders on the horizontal bar. Raise the body until chin is just over the bar’s level. Ease your body back down and repeat this again.

6. Downward Dog Exercise

Downward dog exercise tones your arms and keep your body in reverse V shape by pressing down heels against the floor. Make sure the spine follows a straight line toward the ground with hips. Keep your body in reverse V shape for correct posture. Use arms to push back and make sure just like plank exercise you are giving yourself more challenges by lowering forearms to the ground.

These are the few poses that will help you to build biceps without weights and pullups. Get the help of professional trainers who would suggest to you how you can easily do at home without putting yourself at risk. Keep these things in mind and follow all instructions to maintain balance. Toned arm muscles without using weight are time-consuming, but usually, professional trainers suggest to try these three to four times a week. Add a healthy diet with your workout routine.

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