What Size Fitness Ball Do I Need? Best Exercise Ball

What Size Fitness Ball Do I Need

What Size Fitness Ball Do I Need Complete Guide?

Are you looking for the answer to What size fitness ball do I need? Many of us are very conscious about health they used to do different things for losing weight and staying fit. Fitness ball is known as a stability ball, exercise ball, physioball or whatever you want to say but this one is an excellent way to keep your body toned & healthy at home or your workplace.

What size fitness ball do I need? How to use a fitness ball? Which manufacturer is best for fitness ball? These questions are common and being searched most of the time. So here we are going to respond to your most searched query over google. Don’t rush anywhere else and get to know about this.

How to determine the right size of the fitness ball?

All you have to do is to sit on the ball and keep your knees at a right angle with parallel thighs to the ground. An ideal balance of the ball size will keep knees in line with hips. If it doesn’t do so, then the ball is not giving the right balance, so don’t give a try.

Make sure the ball is properly inflated, and the inflation level always depends on the workout that you have to do on the ball. By sitting on the fitness ball, you can physically test the ball before buying. Determine the distance between floor & hips to select the right one. Some people use the best treadmill for walking and light jogging and also people use a fitness ball.

What size are available for fitness ball?

You will get numerous sizes of stability balls from different manufacturers. It depends on the height of the individuals and the size in centimeters. You may have seen colored balls that are usually done by the company to help you out in matching size. In the following section, we have just mentioned which size is best for different heights.

People who are:

  1. Less than 4’6” opt 30 cm ball
  2. In between 4’6” choose 45 cm ball
  3. Exact 5’5” opt 55 cm ball
  4. In between 5’6” & 6’2” opt 65 cm ball
  5. More than 6’2” opt 75 cm ball

What precautions do we need to follow?

Well, no doubt this is an ideal way to keep your body toned and stretched wherever you want, but for this, you need to keep yourself balanced otherwise, you can fall. Don’t forget to take the help of your exercise trainer who will teach you how to do different workouts upon this. Don’t go for challenging workouts just get started with your fitness routine with the simplest one and the move ahead with challenging exercises.

Select good quality fitness ball from a top manufacturer and never prefer poor quality because it won’t help you out in achieving desired fitness results that you want. Lastly, we would like to add that we don’t use this on the rough surface always place a mat.

These are some points that we gathered to help you in finding the best exercise ball. Right-sized fitness balls will make your workout easier. Follow the general guide while choosing and make sure you have correctly checked the ball before buying. Never compromise on quality.

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