The Secret of Lemon Water Recipe for Weight Loss

best lemon water recipe

The lemon water recipe is one of the first detox water recipes for weight loss purpose. It is just the juice of a lemon mixed with water either cold or hot. It assists in losing weight you gained due to water retention within the body. Lemon juice has many health benefits besides being really yummy in flavor. In this article, we will explore some lemon juice recipes for weight loss. It’s possible to slim down naturally and get excellent results with these recipes.
When you’re attempting to lose weight, adding more water to your diet could be beneficial like a faster metabolism and drinking a glass of warm water in morning assists in overall weight loss quite rapidly. Countless men and women struggle to slim down due to their strong food cravings, uncontrollable appetites or dietary habits, or a deficiency of motivation.

best lemon water recipe

Benefits of Lemon Water

Lemons are full of nutrients such as they contain flavonoids, Vitamin C and Potassium. Flavonoids are plants pigments and provide powerful antioxidant properties. They eliminate toxin from your body and protect cells from damage. Vitamin C is very helpful for weight loss purpose, and it’s also perfect for your skin. And it even 99% boosts the immune system as it neutralizes free radicals associated with disease and ageing process. Vitamin C naturally firm up the skin, reduce blemishes and wrinkles too and maintain your skin radiance. While a diet rich in potassium lower the chances of heart diseases and strokes and lower the blood pressure.
Acids present in lemon slow down the digestion process and increase the nutrition absorption. It also helps to maintain blood glucose levels with moderate insulin spikes.
The enzymes in lemon water help stimulate liver function and eliminate wastes from your body by detoxifying your system.

Lemon Water Recipes for Weight Loss:

There are many different ways to serve lemon water, but the simplest way is to just add the juice of a fresh lemon into one cup of warm or cold water. You just need fresh lemons for good results don’t get squeeze bottles as they have no nutritional value. You can store lemon juice in an ice cube tray to save your time. Then you can pop a cube in a glass of water to get instant vitamin c boost.
You can also try some other recipes of lemon water for weight loss given below,

Lemon Water with Cucumber:

Heath benefits of lemon water increase with the addition of cucumber. The taste of lemon and cucumber is perfect together. Cucumber contains potassium which helps to lower the blood pressure and is also useful for skin tightening and reduces puffiness and bloating.

Lemon Water with Ginger:

Lemon water with some ginger makes a super detox drink which is metabolism boosting. Use lemon ginger water sips all day long and raise your metabolism for rapid weight loss.
Lemon Water with Honey
To make lemon water with honey add a teaspoon of raw unheated honey in warm water and lemon juice of half fresh lemon. This recipe is very beneficial if you drank it daily. It prevents illness and is considered by many as the ultimate flu and cold treatment.
Lemon Water with Mint and Cucumber
Lemon water with some mint and cucumber make a very nutritious drink. It is not only tasty but is very healthy. It also helps reduce puffiness and bloating and chill out in the hot summer day and during a workout session.
Lemon Water with Mint
Lemon water with some mint is really good in summers. It boosts your metabolism and refreshes you with a relaxed feel.

Lemon Water with Cayenne Paper:

To make lemon cayenne water add a pinch of cayenne paper in warm water and fresh lemon juice. It is a very useful recipe for weight loss and it prevents you from many ailments. It increases metabolism, regulate blood sugar level and aid digestion.

Final Words:

Lemon is crucial include in your diet plan. He cleanses digestion which also aids in both weight loss as well as weight maintenance. If you must, you may use non-organic lemons, but you can’t utilize concentrated lemon juice because It’s full of sugar and preservatives.
Lemon juice is very good for you, mainly because it’s a fantastic supply of vitamin C. It is an essential component of this detox water recipe. The lemon juice serves as the most important replacement for many of your meals. In fact, it will affect both of these different types of foods, but it will not dissolve the fat.

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