How to Get Bigger Shoulders Without Weights? At Home and Gym

How to Get Bigger Shoulders Without Weights

How to get bigger shoulders without weights? The best method to achieve fitness goals. Who else doesn’t like broad shoulders? How to get bigger shoulders without weights? It’s not difficult, and we can easily do at home even by doing some workouts. Add these workouts in daily workouts to target training program. We can perform these exercises without complicated equipment.

Make sure you people are doing proper warm-ups before getting started with a workout. It will flex your muscles and improve blood circulation to target muscles. Apart from exercise, pay attention to a healthy diet as well and add a rich amount of proteins because it will help you quick recovery for muscle building. Here we have just sorted out a few workouts for How to get bigger shoulders without weights? Take a look.

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Get to Know About the Easiest Methods For How to Get Bigger Shoulders Without Weights?


You can easily do this at home. All you have to do is to hand from a pull-up bar and hold it with a full grip to ensure your palms are not slipping over the bar. Gradually rise up yourself until the chin is above pull up bar. Make sure your feet are not touching the ground.

1. Dips

Keep your arms in a fully extended position and hold dip bars with full grip. Keep your upper body stationary and gradually lower yourself below the elbows. Hold for a moment and return to the starting position. Repeat this maximum time to keep yourself in running position.

2. Upward Stretch

Well, people may find this problem so stand straight with feet placed and keep your arms parallel to the body. Interlock fingers and extend arms and continue the motion until you feel backstretch and shoulders. Make sure back is straight throughout the exercise.

3. Arm Circles

Keep your shoulders in line and parallel to the floor and extend arms by standing straight. With outstretched arms, all you need to do is to rotate arms in a clockwise motion for ten seconds. Just pause for seconds and repeat the same motion in the opposite direction to keep yourself in go. Don’t forget to keep your arms straight throughout the exercise.

4. Handstand Push-Up

Keep yourself positioned in a handstand position against the wall and place your arms at a higher distance greater than shoulders. Gradually lower down the body and make sure the body is straight for exercise duration. Pause for second and return to starting position. Well, this is not suggested for beginners and if they want to try this out, then do it under expert supervision.

5. Single Arm Plank

Simply hold a plank position is relatively a bit tough but variation is a little bit harder against the plank. Get started by placing the plank on the floor and with hands below shoulders. Place feet together and take a left hand from the floor and suspend it in air. Hold on for 30 seconds and slowly bring back the left hand to the floor. After this move right hand and legs upward and keep repeating by changing both hands.

These are simple exercises that can help all the fitness freaks to get bigger shoulders without weights. Professional trainers will guide fitness freaks to achieve their milestones quickly. Don’t try this at home if you are not an expert because it may injure you severely.

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